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What is The Big Tent?

Miracles, Worship & Unity under The Big Tent!

The Big Tent is an encounter with Jesus. It's a next level worship experience where healings and miracles take place. Partnering with local churches to invite you into an experience with God you will never forget. Featuring Ps. Tim & Jacque Hall + Nathan Fawcett.

Transforming Lives Worldwide

A Journey of Miracles

Ps. Tim Hall is one of Australia’s leading evangelists. Together with his wife Jacque, they have ministered extensively throughout the world. Their forthright and anointed preaching, coupled with a great manifestation of the power of God has seen over 1 million saved, thousands healed, drastically changed, baptised in the Holy Spirit and filled with a fresh touch of revival power.

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Invest in Community Revival And Unity

Join us in igniting a wave of community revival and unity under The Big Tent Prospect 2024. Your support through donations can transform lives, foster hope, and build a stronger, more connected Prospect. Together, we can make a lasting impact. Give now and be a part of this transformative event.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Your Guide to The Big Tent Prospect 2024

The Big Tent Prospect 2024 is a transformative community event designed to unite and inspire individuals through powerful experiences of worship, healing, and miracles. It's a unique opportunity to experience spiritual growth and renewal.

Attendees can expect a next-level worship experience featuring Nathan Fawcett+ incredible healings, miracles, and powerful preaching by Ps. Tim & Jacque Hall and local evangelists. It's an opportunity to be part of a life-changing encounter with Jesus and experience a fresh touch of revival power.

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